Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snorkeling - part 1

We went snorkeling at Arnos Vale. This is really excellent - there are great corals. I saw a family of squid and got a quick picture of them. Also I saw a turtle (a small one, not a big leather back) there both times but of course I ran out of underwater film just before spotting it the first time. Next time!

Other fish I saw (it is teeming with fish!): BIG angel fish, parrot fish, trumpet fish and flat fish and masses of others.

I would say you will need to be a fairly strong swimmer as the water can be a bit rough; having said that I'm not talking about being Michael Phelps here!

The beach is very nice. To get there, go through the Arnos Vale hotel gate and surprisingly there is public parking in the grounds for beach access.

Note: sun beds from the hotel are TT$40 per day so you might want to take you own chairs or just lie on a towel..or pay up! We did.

Tobago 2009

In March 2009 we had a great two week stay in Tobago; trip highlight details to follow in other posts.

All was good with Delta direct from Atlanta (5 hours 15 minute flight duration). In terms of making the last phase of the journey easy, direct to Tobago was a real winner. We cleared immigration quickly and all our luggage arrived - then we were in Tobago! As opposed to arriving late in Trinidad, then enduring a long line up in Trinidad immigration. Then a night's accomodation would be needed and then there's a return trip to the airport for the Tobago flight portion.

More detail: in Tobago there were even luggage trolleys which could be brought to the roadside for vehicle loading; in Trinidad trolley loan is only provided in the baggage area and no further - not too much help then.